Presque-Isle Yard

The yard is an addition done over the summer of 1995 (five years after the completion of the original layout). I installed it with the intent of giving my overgrown collection of rolling stock a place to be, and it's pretty much the first thing you see when you enter the train room. As you might imagine, the collection has now grown beyond the capacity of even this spacious yard!

Click on the pictures below for a larger image.

The view to the west down a two foot scratch-built PFE icehouse/deck at the north end of the Presque-Isle yard.
The power station is a Walthers kit, the tanks are Kibri, and the operations building is by Faller.

The view to the east from the northwest corner of the yard.
The warehouse is a Faller kit.

View of the turntable, roundhouse, and Cheyenne Coal Tower at night.
The coal tower is the IHC kit but with many of the oversize elements replaced by Gold Medal Models' brass etchings.

The same view during "daylight" hours.
The turntable is a Fleischmann unit; the roundhouses are Kibri and Vollmer and the two-stall engine house is Faller.

Boat dock during the day: Here the south end of the yard drops into a "Great Lake" where a dock can service small ships and fishing boats. There's lots of fun going on in Presque-Isle Cove.
The boat is the "Russian Trawler" kit by Revell.

The same boat dock at night: The trawler "Classy Peg" is being unloaded even into the "wee" hours of the night.
The coaling station and crane are by Faller.

East side of the Presque-Isle yard: The east side of the yard is bustling with activity at the Baksa Foundry, a track gang repairing ties and ballast on a crossover, and another power station just for the needs of the Presque-Isle facilities.
The foundry is a Faller kit that consists of four intricately detailed buildings and it even has a working ore car conveyor.

Seeping water from the lake has created swampland below the east end of the yard and some creative "industry".
The moonshine shack is a Campbell kit.

Southwest corner of the yard: Here is a panorama of the Presque-Isle yard, lighthouse, Union Station and other distant features from the southwest corner of the layout. Check out the M*A*S*H helicopter on the military train and Tom's clever "painting" of cliffs and sand dunes at the water's edge (really the end of the table).
The lighthouse is a Kibri kit; Dave Jenson built the circuit to illuminate the lighthouse beam.